First SeqAhead training school in Uppsala, Sweden

SeqAhead fixed the data and format of the first training school in NGS.

The SeqAhead training school will be a 4 day training school with classes and hands-on and a 5th day as workshop with invited speakers from different areas in the NGS research. The school will offer space for 40 participants having access to the UPPMAXcomputer center for the training in NGS data analysis. 20 participants will receive from SeqAhead a fellowship covering travel and accomodation.

The training school is booked for the 28 trough 31 May 2012 finishing with the SeqAhead NGS workshop on 1. July 2012

  • day 1 (28. May) data storage and management
  • day 2 (29. May) sequence assembly
  • day 3 (30. May) assembly analysis
  • day 4 (31. May) sequence annotation
  • day 5 (1. June) COST workshop with high quality talks and 20 sponsored participants

More detailed information will be published here soon!

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