NGS and non-coding RNA Data Analysis

Bari, Italy

17 – 19 April 2013

SeqAhead and AllBio joined forces to create a 3 day workshop with presentations on non-coding RNA (ncRNA) research, bioinformatics, data analysis and stimulate discussions between biologists and bioinformaticians. Further we will have a hack-a-thon approaching data analysis bottlenecks.

SeqAhead created a special interest group on research and data analysis of ncRNA. AllBio instead collected during its first project year test cases of data analysis problems in biology. Two test cases on data analysis of ncRNA sequencing where selected and will be process further.


  • biologists with research in ncRNA applying or planning to apply Next Generation Sequencing technologies,
  • bioinformaticians involved in data analysis or developing algorithms for ncRNA data.

Excellent abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. SeqAhead will reimburse travel and accommodation.


Registration and abstract submission:  29 March 2013

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