Città della Scienza in Napoli (Italy) must be rebuilt


851399726234376On Monday March 4th. a fire destroyed the Science Center of  Città della Scienza in Napoli, Italy.


Investigators are working to determine the causes of the fire. Whatever the results of the investigations will be, however, the situation now is such that the exhibition activities are temporarily interrupted, while those at the Conference Center continue uninterruptedly.

We ask you to support the Città della Scienza and we would be very grateful if you could make a donation for the future of Città della Scienza.

Derev activated a crowdfunding at

for collecting funds.

A dedicated web page was opened on CambioMerci

whereby professionals and firms may offer their skills and/or materials to the end of restarting the activities of Città della Scienza in the shortest possible time.

Città della Scienza is also on:

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