NGS methods for identification of mutations and large structural variants

Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB)

Lausanne, 11-12 March 2014


This international event covers several aspects of the identification of genomic structural variants using NGS data. The mini symposium (Day 1) will present the latest developments in the field and the workshop (Day 2) will allow participants to get used to the tools with a virtual machine (VM) prepared during a test case hackathon (see TC2 hackathon). Particular emphasis will be given to the comparison of the different analysis tools and the combination of their respective results.

The ALLBIO FP7 CA aims to bring biologists and bioinformaticians together for the effective exploitation of high-throughput data. The focus being to transfer the human genome bioinformatics analysis methods in other genome analysis fields like microbial, plant, and lifestock.
ALLBIO is the main sponsor of this event, in addition 10 seats of the workshop are sponsored by the COST Action SeqAhead.

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