SeqAhead Workplan 2014

The COST Action BM1006 – SeqAhead – got approved the new work plan and therfore we would like to publish the following SeqAhead activities:

  • two Training Schools,
  • several Workshops
  • one major Conference.

The activities will be announced here, at the SeqAhead portal, and by the local organizers. Please keep visiting these pages as the contents will be updated continuously.

The planned Activities


  • “NGS data after the Gold rush” and the Management Committee Meeting, 5-7 May 2014, Norwich, UK.


  • “ICT Challenges for Big Data in the Life Sciences – part II”,Time TBA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • “WG3 – Hackathon for data-intensive computing and NGS”, 1-2 April, 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • “NGS methods for identification of mutations and large structural variants”, 10-12 March 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • “Laser based Chromatin IP technology for the study of direct vs indirect binding”, March 2014, Napoli, Italy
  • “WG3: NGS and non-coding RNA Data Analysis Location”, April,2014, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • “WG5: Assessment of training methods in NGS data analysis”, 17-18 March 2014, Oeiras, Portugal.
  • “NGS and Structural Biology: from Mutations to Disease”, June 2014, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Training Schools

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Città della Scienza in Napoli (Italy) must be rebuilt


851399726234376On Monday March 4th. a fire destroyed the Science Center of  Città della Scienza in Napoli, Italy.


Investigators are working to determine the causes of the fire. Whatever the results of the investigations will be, however, the situation now is such that the exhibition activities are temporarily interrupted, while those at the Conference Center continue uninterruptedly.

We ask you to support the Città della Scienza and we would be very grateful if you could make a donation for the future of Città della Scienza.

Derev activated a crowdfunding at

for collecting funds.

A dedicated web page was opened on CambioMerci

whereby professionals and firms may offer their skills and/or materials to the end of restarting the activities of Città della Scienza in the shortest possible time.

Città della Scienza is also on:

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COST science night – How Science & Technology Networks impact tomorrow’s Europe

We are pleased to share with you this exclusive video, showcasing an event on the impact of science and technology networks on Europe’s society. COST Science Night – How S&T Networks Impact Tomorrow’s Europe was held last December, 4th – 2012.

This exclusive event showcased the impact of science and technology networks on Europe’s society. At this unique science night researchers leading successful COST networks met research policy-makers and stakeholders for interactive discussions… and fun experiments!

Enjoy …

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SeqAhead Variathon v0.1 – 2013

Udine, Italy

21 May 2013

The goal of this pilot Variation Calling Challenge is to analyze existing or new pipelines for variant calling in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Participants will use their variation calling pipelines on public datasets and they will have the same amount of time to run the tools and collect the results. We provide different simulated data sets for the analysis.

Important dates
15.02.2013: Submission system opens
15.03.2013: Submission deadline
29.03.2013: Performance evaluation announced
21.05.2013: Workshop in Udine, Italy

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NGS and non-coding RNA Data Analysis

Bari, Italy

17 – 19 April 2013

SeqAhead and AllBio joined forces to create a 3 day workshop with presentations on non-coding RNA (ncRNA) research, bioinformatics, data analysis and stimulate discussions between biologists and bioinformaticians. Further we will have a hack-a-thon approaching data analysis bottlenecks.

SeqAhead created a special interest group on research and data analysis of ncRNA. AllBio instead collected during its first project year test cases of data analysis problems in biology. Two test cases on data analysis of ncRNA sequencing where selected and will be process further.


  • biologists with research in ncRNA applying or planning to apply Next Generation Sequencing technologies,
  • bioinformaticians involved in data analysis or developing algorithms for ncRNA data.

Excellent abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. SeqAhead will reimburse travel and accommodation.


Registration and abstract submission:  29 March 2013

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